Thank you for showing an interest in **LIVE MUSIC** in Second Life!!

We all know that Second Life contains a million different diversions all in competition for your attention and yet there is one enhancement enjoyed almost universally by people in their real lives that is often overlooked in SL: live music.

The technology exists for music to be streamed into any sim in SL and be enjoyed by anyone present. There are few locations that do not play music of some sort on their land be it simply a radio or maybe a playlisting DJ but there is also a growing group of live performers and musicians who bring entertaining and interactive live shows to Second Life residents. This type of performer is as varied as there are genres so no matter what your personal tastes in music are you are sure to find something you enjoy!

Some acts perform original music for you to discover and some do cover songs you already know and love. One thing that is common is that they strive to bring SL residents an enjoyable and rewarding musical experience full of the buzz of a live atmosphere and the utmost talent and professionalism.

There are no judgements on what constitutes a musician only that there is a significant live element to their act. Take your pick from full bands, solo singers, guitarists, pianists, rappers, turntablists and any number of other instrumentalists in just about every genre you can imagine. And the great thing about it is that like the rest of SL you can of course enjoy the shows in the comfort of your own home.
Music is coming home..all you have to do is let it in :)

In order for live music in SL to thrive it is important to remember that the musicians themselves and the venues that host them deserve recognition for the hard work, talent and value they bring to your SL experience. SL has a busy economy. Residents are used to paying a small amount in order to have somewhere to live, to have gadgets to play with and for their avatar to appear and be dressed exactly the way they want it. When you enjoy live music in SL please also consider that there is a cost involved in bringing that music to an audience and that this experience also has value.

As an audience member you can show your appreciation in two ways. Firstly, you can tip the musician directly as most musicians place a tip jar on stage. This enables a musican to continue to perform in SL and also to possibly fund their music related activites such as the production of their own recordings. Secondly, you can also show support to the venue that is hosting live music concerts. Being a venue host is a skill in itself and at the moment many venue owners are philanthropically funding the staging of concerts out of their own pockets. This clearly an unsustainable situation which provides little room for growth and so if you are enjoying a show and you feel the venue is enhancing your SL experience by the way they are staging it then please consider also tipping the venue. Again, most venues will have a house tip jar. Not all musicians and venues operate in the same way so if you are ever unsure about how to tip or the suitability of tipping in a certain situation please just enquire during the show. You always find lots of friendly folks eager to help you.

Thank you for persevering with all that wordy stuff. Now please enjoy your free track with the compliments of the live musicians of SL. There are short biographies of the musicians involved below this URL from where you can download the song "Get It Together". We hope you enjoy it....and is coming home!